In Noto,

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La benedizione di Pasqua

La processione della Santa Spina

Corteo barocco

Urna del Santo

La via Nicolaci

Processione di S. Corrado



The “Welcome to Spring” Festival, the procession s of S. Corrado and the Holy Thorn, the ceremony of the “peace” (at Easter)
In Noto:

- In the marvellous setting of the street Nicolaci, on the third Sunday of May, there is the “flowers festival” (Infiorata) that opens the celebrations to the “Welcome to Spring”, a series of artistic and cultural events not to be lost;

- On February 19 there is the procession of S. Corrado, Patron Saint of the town of Noto and its Diocese;

- On “Good Friday” (Giovedì Santo) there is the procession of the Holy Thorn;

- On Easter Sunday, at 1 pm the wooden statues of the Madonna and the Risen Christ meet in front of the Cathedral and on this occasion, at the same moment as the benediction given by the statues, tradiction says that the people present should all be reconciled forgetting every past grudge or dissension.


Easter (the meeting of Mary and the Risen Christ)
Procession of the Holy Thorn
Welcome to the spring (Baroque march)
The Box of San Corrado during the procession
Via Nicolaci (the flower festival)
Procession of S. Corrado
Welcome to the Spring (the flower festival in Via Nicolaci)